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Halo-Orangees International Online Job Board – Poised to Redefine the Face of Employment

Why is the talent that can take your business to the ‘next level’ failing to find you?

Think back to when you graduated from High School or University. Do you remember the unique set of challenges that faced you, in order to get to where you are today? While your company is growing, there are thousands of people who could change the game of your business forever, who are simply failing to find you. Remember the days when you were one of them?

There are only three ways your organization and this talent will meet:

1.   You will head hunt them

2.   They will apply for a job with you

3.   Someone you know will introduce you to them

Of course, the most powerful combination will be to have all three happening at once. An even better situation would be to have all three happening at once, on an automated basis.

This is exactly why Halo-OrangeesJobs.com’ employer-employee Job Board and Blog was developed!

                                                Why pay for overpriced job boards?

Halo-OrangeesJobs.com international job board aims to deliver candidates on time and under budget. At the helm of our offering is a landmark feature; the ability to donate unlimited index and individual job postings to partnering companies, charities, or company of choice.

Our clients can share job postings with businesses operating on limited or no outsourcing job posting budget through our exclusive “Money Well Spent” Shared Job Posting Plans. Every posting plan also includes featured ads, live URLs, image and video upload capabilities.  

One of the site’s Premium features is a powerful resume database. Through the use of powerful search technology, employers can source candidates based on highly-targeted criteria.           

The team at Halo-Orangees understand the true value of giving back to our community. Therefore, all Halo-Orangees Jobs.com customers that are actively participating in any Adopted School program will receive a free Jobs Posting Subscription Plan for their Adopted School. With no expiry date, this benefit allows customers to increase their charitable giving credentials.

With such a revolutionary offering, the team at Halo-Orangees is committed to encouraging their customers to change their mind-set for a focus on better results. With this in mind, the site’s team maintains an inspirational blog. As an online global community, uniting people from all stages of life, the blog’s content encourages others to change their focus and open their hearts to new possibilities.

“Our Blog delivers reinforcement and inspiration to our community of readers to never give up, by taking the totality of their negative experiences, roll them up into one, and use them positively to lay the foundation to their destiny”.

Rarely does a job board and online community afford the care, inspiration and motivation of Halo-Orangees. It’s easy to see why critics expect the website to become something of a global phenomenon.

Halo-Orangees Blog: http://www.halo-orangeesllc.com